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Method Statement For PVC Conduit Installation In Concrete Slab

November 5, 2012 |

Method Statement For PVC Conduit Installation In Concrete Slab

 Tools Required

Following tools should be arranged before starting the job.

  • Dia (20 & 25 ) mm pipe Bender
  • Mini Hacksaw Frame with Blades
  • Choke Lime Powder with sufficient length of Thread
  • 500gm Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • End Cutter ( Kalwa )

PVC Conduit Installation Procedure 

  • Ensure that the civil people have finished ply/post tension work on the slab.
  • Arrange the approved shop drawings for the area of installation.
  • Mark first the wall location for lower floor in slab as per latest Architecture layout so that it will be easy to locate the drops for switch, thermostat and any other drops required for electrical system.
  • Mark the opening size in Electrical Room and Telephone room as per approved electrical drawing.
  • Mark the Electrical points on the slab as per approved Electrical Layout and fix proper shape and size of the Circular Box with the help of nail/mess in case of plywood slab and provide steel bar chairs for fixing the box in case of post tension slab.
  • Just after completing the first layer of steel, start pvc conduiting work with different sizes of conduit based on electrical system requirements and as per drawings. Always loop the two way switches with 20 mm conduit as the number of wires will be more and only switch drop pipe will not be sufficient for pulling all these wires.
  • Try to avoid the overlapping of conduits and keep some distance between the conduits for low current and power/Lights.
  • Just after completing the work tight the conduits with binding wire and mark the circuit numbers. identification for the raised pipe in slab for upper slab to be done for power, TV and telephone systems and closing the mouth of pipe with the help of masking tape .
  • The site Engineer/Foreman should check the proper size of conduit and circular box, opening size in both Electrical and Telephone room and be sure the work is completed as per approved Electrical shop drawing.
  • Before the concrete pouring the PVC conduit installation to be inspected and approved by consultant/client/contractor.
  • During concrete pouring, keep electricians for taking care of conduit to avoid any damage by others or dislocation of joints.


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