Method Statement For GI Box And GI/PVC Conduit Installation In The Wall

GI Box & GI/PVC Conduit Installation in Walls

Tools Required

Following tools should be arranged before starting the job.

  • 9” Grinder with cutting disc
  • Mini Hacksaw Frame with Blades
  • White chalk /Marker
  • 1 KG Hammer
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sprit Level
  • Water Level Pipe
  • Point & Flat Chisels
  • Trowel
  • Pipe Bender

 PVC Conduit Installation in the Wall

  • Ensure that the civil people have finished block wall and clearance is given to proceed for electrical works.
  • Check the required reference markings are available for FFL (finished floor levels).
  • Mark the location of switch/socket and conduit route on proper height based on approved shop drawing.
  • Ensure the box size and accordingly cut a bit larger size of box in marked place of block wall with sufficient depth.
  • Start cutting the marked place for conduit run with the help of grinder and chip with hammer after cutting.
  • Fix the GI Metal box of appropriate size and level with the help of spirit level. The bottom portion of box should match the marked level as per consultant approved height for switch/ socket and/or as per local applicable wiring regulation requirements.
  • Apply cement filler to fix the box properly and leave for setting, insert the required lengths of conduits on their paths and don’t connect with boxes until next day.
  • Next day, after setting of box connect the dropped conduits for switch/socket to the box.
  • Make sure the conduits are not visible from outside their route which could lead improper plastering.
  • Before the plastering work issue the inspection requests for client so that approval can be taken.

GI Conduit Installation (Exposed Conduiting)

Take the following shop drawings approved for construction.

    • GI Conduiting layout complete with section details.
    • MEP coordination drawing complete with section details.
    • Architectural Drawing
  • Check the route of GI Conduiting free from debris and no obstruction of any other activity. Arrange scaffolding of sufficient height approved by HSE officer.
  • Mark the reference points on wall/ column as per civil architectural drawing.
  • Identify the circuit start point and end & mark GI Conduiting route as per approved drawings.
  • Make hole in concrete for anchor bolts/rawel plug & fix rawel plug inside hole then fix base of saddle by screw every 1m span.
  • Use approved GI Conduiting & bends as per site condition and drawing. Remove sharp edge of cut length of conduit by filing.
  • Join the lengths using the threaded joints and fittings.
  • Install conduit and tight with saddle and screw.
  • Make earthing of GI Conduiting & Check for continuity.
  • Apply the zinc paint on the exposed threaded area which is not covered.
  • Installation of GI Conduiting shall be checked by internal QA/QC Engineer as per drawings and quality of installation before offering consultant/client for inspection.

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